“A win is a win . . .

. . . no matter how ugly it is” was the sound heard around the dugout after the Creek’s 8-7 victory in the final inning against the Cuban church.  Trailing from the 1st inning, the Creek just could never get their bats going.  Everything was either popped up or hit right to a very skilled Cuban defense.  After a rough 1st inning, the Creek’s defense settled down and held their own even getting 3 outs on 3 pitches; however, it wasn’t until their last at-bat that any sort of rally formed.  Finally, the top half of the lineup produced some good hits and scored a few runs starting the comeback.  After cutting the lead to 1, pinch hitter Will J came to the plate and hit into a fielder’s choice to tie the game at 7.  After a walk to load the bases with 1 out, lead off Dave Raulston hit a dribbler to short who tried to turn a double-play, but quick-footed Dave beat out the throw at first and the Creek claimed the victory.  “I have been working out all off-season even losing about 10-15 pounds,” said Dave in a pre-season interview.  Aren’t we glad that he did . . .

Game ball has to go to Dave not only for getting the winning RBI, but for really being the only Creeker to actually hit the ball last night.  Props to Keith for coming into the game in relief and holding the opponents to only a few more runs.  While the Creek was missing some players, such as the fantasy sleeper Scott “Hurricane” Davis, next week’s bye week will hopefully help give the team a break as they get ready for the stretch run to the playoffs.  It is this reporter’s desire that they would spend next Thursday at the batting cage instead.


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