The Creek falter yet again

Disappointment.  That’s all that could be said of yet another late inning loss by the Creek last night at Veterans Memorial Field.  In control for the first 4 innings, The Creek let yet another game slip away in the final few innings.  Up 7-3 in the bottom of the next to last inning, the previously solid defense allowed 4 runs to tie the game at 7.  Things looked like they were turning around when the scored 2 in the top of the next inning.  It could have been more.  With runners in scoring position, they failed to get anymore runs which would cost them the game.  In the bottom of the last inning, the home team just pounded the ball scoring at least 5 runs.  With 2 outs, the Creek had a chance to extend the game if they could just get that last out before time expired.  Unfortunately, the bottom of their line up continued their hot hitting and time expired.  While the Creek was hoping that last week’s victory would give them momentum, it just didn’t happen.  Now, they have to wait yet another week before playing again in the regular season finale.

“That’s just terrible,” said LF Todd Flannery about the umpires in this game.  While the Creek’s loss can’t be totally blamed for the defeat, it sure didn’t help.  There was the controversial play in the middle of the game that Justin tagged up too early.  Then in that last inning, Todd made an amazing throw from deep left all the way to home where Jason made the catch on 1 hop and tagged the guy out only to have him called safe.

The game ball goes to the defense . . . only to have it taken back.  Some great catches in the outfield, good pitching, 2 shutout innings, and a few double plays set the tone early.  However, too many errors by both the infield and outfield cause the defense to have to give the ball back.  Props to Keith, Todd, and Justin for their continued hot hitting.  Props also to Flora for getting a solid base hit . . . only to be thrown out on the next at-bat trying to go to 3rd.

Yours truly went 2-3 while playing right center for only the second time in his career.  The night was highlighted by a great sliding catch to end one inning, and then followed by tripping over my own foot chasing down another line drive.  Yep, that’s the way it goes.


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