Modesty Making a Comeback?

This morning on, I read the following headline, “Mom shocked by teen’s modest clothing.”  And according to the author, modesty is on the return!  I would have hoped that this would be as a result of many teenagers coming to conviction that showing off their “bosoms and buns” (funny story to follow) is not honoring to the Lord; however the author attributes the shift more to some of the same factors that sent modesty packing: the economy, parents, specialty stores, and celebrities.

Side note: I find it quite ironic that teens/college students with less money are actually wearing more clothes.  Isn’t it funny that the clothing that has less material actually costs more than buying 2-3 pieces of clothing to wear layered?

At the same time that modesty appears to be in style now, I will be interested to see if it remains “in style” come next spring.  I mean, of course modesty is “in style” in the fall when it starts to get colder leading into winter; who wants to dress all skimpy when it’s 40 degrees outside?  Maybe I am a little skeptical, but when you are in an industry that is consumer driven (or you go out of business), I would think that advertisers would do all that they can to sell their products.  So is it not reasonable to think that they would “hire” the celebrities to dress a certain way in order to push their product to teens and parents?  What dad out there wouldn’t want his daughter to dress more modestly?  The author’s final words reflect just this attitude, “But I’m rejoicing over anything that keeps my girl from looking like a lounge singer.”

What we really need are parents to take the responsibility in raising their kids.  We need people to understand purity as one of the gifts given to them by a loving and Holy God through His Son Christ.  Yesterday, our pastor preached on Samsom and how he gave away his heritage, lineage, and gifts which included purity.  As he spoke to us about purity, he used the example of a wrapped gift.  When girls wear revealing clothing, when guys look, when we give of ourselves . . . , we are ripping the paper off and throwing the gift away.  He encouraged the parents to take control of what their kids are wearing.  He encouraged the young (and older) women to dress “beautiful, not sexy.”  In a more comical moment, he encouraged those who have the gift of “bosoms and buns” to not show those to all of us at church but save that for their husband.  It was a passionate plea from a man who understands that to throw away the gifts of God is to throw God away.

So, is modesty making a comeback?  Let’s wait till next Spring to find out . . .

Here are 2 of what I think are some of the best resources on modesty:

4 thoughts on “Modesty Making a Comeback?

  1. Funny I thought the fashionistas in Manhattan had long ago accomplished their goals to turn teenagers into prostitutes. The over sexification of young women has pretty much ruined a whole generation of women and they are making men pay the price with crummy attitudes, lack of care or desire for self improvement, ignorance, and an aggressiveness that really is very unappealing. Too much SIC and DHW programming makes for a really bad collective attitude. Clothing is where it starts…dress like a whore and you’re going tpo end up being treated like one and acting like one. Sex for your car payment? Yeah that’ll turn out great…

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