What beats at ~140 beats per minute?

OUR BABY!!  Yep, yesterday Beth and I went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat of our new baby!  Beth is 11 weeks along and we have a tentative due date of March 17th . . . yes, St. Patty’s day.  Beth is doing well but is ready for this first trimester to be over as we both hope that her nausea goes away in a few weeks.  Will is doing well and is trying to help out Beth around the house and especially by going to the grocery store; Beth can’t handle all the food options, for now anyway. 

We both have so many thoughts about becoming parents that we might share here . . . if we can ever figure out how to put them into words.  Pray for us that we raise this child in the way of the Lord being a witness for its salvation.  Pray for the baby that he or she (we are calling it “boo”) would continue to develop into a healthy child and would take it easy on its mommy.

11 thoughts on “What beats at ~140 beats per minute?

  1. What joy! I so look fwd to you having your first baby! It’ll be such a great experience. I can’t wait to see what the little stinker will look like… We are praying for you! Have you had an ultrasound yet?

  2. what is it with you two and holidays? 4th of july proposal, new years eve wedding, and now a st. paddy’s day baby! i love it!!! can’t wait! can’t wait! can’t wait!

    super cool aunt lindsey 🙂

  3. OH How excited is Aunt Crystal!!!! So, excited. Congratulations. The next gen of HBF is about to begin. Good times!!!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We need another youngin’ in the family!!!! Also, I found out when I was pregnant that the smell of oranges helps with nausea. Just cut it open and keep it close by! I discovered it by accident and then read it in one of my many books later.
    I know you guys are going to be great parents and it is one of the best feelings in the world!!
    Congratulations again from your short old cousin!! (Hey, there will be 2 people in the family shorter than me in March!!)

  5. {insert squeal here}
    I love official news almost as much as I love babies! I foresee many, many more Louisville visits in the future! So excited for you two! Love you!
    -Pseudo-Aunt Whitney 🙂

  6. I am so happy for you guys, we pray that the first tri is over soon and you will be enjoying the wonderful 2nd tri! (my favorite part of preg…the baby moves, you have lots of energy, people can actually tell you are preg., daddy can feel the baby, the baby rolls and tumbles when you eat food they like and you get to hit the 1/2 point). Enjoy and God bless you as you journey into parenthood, it is an amazing adventure.

    The days are long in preg. but the months are fast! Boo will be here before you know it (that is what we called Owen in the whomb as well) 🙂

  7. WOW!!! I am so happy for you. I wonder if “Boo” will like 80’s music. March is when I had my first baby. Great time to be pregnant. Miss you!! hope to see you soon.
    Mindy,Greg,Brandon,Mallory & Brady

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