And the gender is…..

Well, yet to be determined!  Little Baby Jackson decided that he/she was going to be stubborn and not reveal its gender to us yesterday.  However, everything else checked out just great.  We got to see its heart, arms, legs, hands, feet, spine, brain, etc.  We have posted more pics on our Flickr page for you to see.

The one thing that we did notice was that it gets its feet from the Jackson side of the family: longer 2nd toe and a gap between the big toe and 2nd toe. 

But, since we have to wait 2 more weeks to find out, we thought we would throw in a little friendly poll to see what you think it might be.


2 thoughts on “And the gender is…..

  1. Did you try eating a donut or drinking a coke (or anything with sugar) before the ultrasound? Some of my other pregnant friends said that got their little babes moving ! 🙂 Can’t wait to know!!!

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