Baby update, end of the semester, and other ramblings . . .

We both realized yesterday that it has been awhile since we last wrote a post.  With so much going on after Thanksgiving, I thought I would just give some quick thoughts and updates . . .

  • I (Will) just completed my next to last semester.  Yep, I am going to get to graduate in May 2009!  We are both so very excited about this and are now really praying about what the Lord would have for us next.  I hope to share more about this in the future.
  • Beth is continuing to do well with the pregnancy.  Maddie moves and kicks all the time making it quite interesting for Beth when she is trying to lecture to her students.  We are about to hit the 3rd trimester; March 17th (ish) is not that far away!  We went and registered at Babies ‘R Us this week.  I am now realizing that most families give the baby its own room because of all the stuff that you accumulate.  It’s incredible . . . and overwhelming.
  • I am leaving for 2 weeks over Christmas with 2 others from our church to go back to South Asia to lead some pastor training sessions with some new churches there.  It’s been 3 years since I have last been back, and I am so excited about getting this opportunity to visit my “second home.”  We will be working with a good friend of mine there doing EV/Discipleship training, worship leading, and some women’s ministry.  I hope to be able to post updates while I am there.  Stay tuned . . .

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