South Asia Style

Will was able to email me and let me know of a “schedule” they have set into place with the national partner.  But you never know on m trips what’s going to take place after you “schedule” them.  ha!  They are going to be traveling to villages surrounding the Valley for training of believers and hopefully for sharing the Good News with non believers.

Will says his language is coming back in spurts – he’s probably just being modest.  He speaks the language great!  He’s listed some pr requests for the next couple of days:

– Safe travel as it is a long journey to a couple of the villages
– Braylon and Stephanie will be leading some of the young people there in Praise & Worship,
– Braylon will be leading a training on “Why & How We do Worship”, and
– For the non believers to come and that they would hear the Word and would respond.flatstanley

They got some good rest last night and are acclimatizing to the time change (11.5 hours EST and 12.5 CST).  The traffic there is awesome.  And by awesome I mean, there’s about 100% more people on the road than there needs to be.  Will has also been assigned to take pictures with our neice, Holly’s, Flat Stanley.  I can’t wait to see them!   Thanks for keeping up with the CCBC trio!

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