100_1739Well, here I (Beth) am on Christmas Day at my parent’s house in front of their tree 28 weeks pregnant.  It’s been a whirlwind, but a good time of fellowship with my parents and I even snuck in a visit w/ Jimmy, Kay and Lindsey 🙂 

There’s not much to update w/ the S. Asia team.  I got a message from Will this morning and they made it back to the Valley from the west villages.  Praise Him!!  He said that they were exhausted, that was the spiciest food he’s ever eaten, and they were going to bed immediately.  ha!  Imagine that.   The CCBC trio is doing well and I’m sure we’ll have more details on the fruits of their labor in the villages they have been visiting.  Thanks for everyone who has been checking on me and keeping them in your prayers!


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  1. We enjoyed your visit so much. You have just left and I miss you already! We’ll see you soon though for the showers.
    Many prayers for Will and the rest and their safe return.
    Love you bunches, Mom
    P.S. Looking good!

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