WHAT’S s. asia UPdate?

Hello all!  Will called me last night and gave me some updates on their trip to the West of the Valley:

– They had 2 trainings that had 100+ people combined between the two!  There was even one group of 4 that walked 7 hours to make it!  Crazy and very humbling at the same time.  Hopefully this will encourage those who are ready to lead further,
– Braylon and Will both preached on Sat morning; Will at one and Braylon at another.  Then Braylon got to lead a group of about 35 in Two Ways to Live (see the link on the right side of our blog for more info).  Our national partner liked the training and is thinking about translating it into the native language depending on how well it was received,
– Stephanie’s event with the women scheduled for tomorrow was canceled.  So pray for more opportunities for her.  She is going shopping tomorrow with our national partner’s wife so that time should be encouraging, and
– Will and the team got to meet another national friend who is a believer for about an hour and visit with him and his family.  This man is annointed so it was encouraging to hear about all the work that he is doing in the country.

They have been trying to catch up on some relationships that Will began during his Jman term in the Valley 4 years ago, so, please lift that up that there would be some transformation of hearts, minds and actions for His glory!  Their time time in the Valley has been challenging, I’m sure, but it’s been such a great opportunity to grow closer to our Father (for me and them)!  thame


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