12 Days of Christmas – Nepali Edition

It has been good to be back home with Beth after being gone for these past 2 weeks.  It was great to visit again the country that I love so much.  We had a great time meeting and training the local pastors, visiting with old friends, and trying to share the story of Christmas with the people.  The past few days have given me some time to reflect (as well as try and recover from jet lag) on some different things about the trip which I hope to share over the next few weeks.  However, the team wrote a song to kind of give an overview of our trip:

12 Days of Christmas – Nepali Edition

On our 12 days of Christmas in Nepal our Lord gave to me/us:

12, 000 cups of chia

11 hours without power . . . each day

10 rupees extra . . . on everything we paid because of the white skin tax

9 hours of flying . . . 4 different times

8 mothers milking

7 original team members . . . pregnant, pregnant, drop out, drop out

6 times a teaching

5 churches we visited

4 degrees Celsius . . . indoors

3 name for Braylon – Uncle Brandon, Badminton, Bray-bray-braylon

2 children vomiting

and Soli Deo Gloria


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