My sweet husband…

Wow, it’s week 32 in the Jackson household…so, you know, there’s a lot that’s not put 100_3076away, a lot of boxes and trash being cleaned up, and you know there’s definitely not a lot of bending down going on…I (Beth) am really feeling the ramifications of the pregnancy now, but I’m so thankful b/c it didn’t surface until about Sunday afternoon after our 2nd TN baby shower this past weekend.  Will and I both are so thankful and humbled by friends and family who are so giving and loving.  We had a lot of fun seeing everyone and see these fun (pink) things for our new little one – who is almost here!  It’s becoming very real, but we are totally stoked about her arrival…….Will has been, with my little help, putting the crib together (thanks Terri!) and tonight, he put together our glider (thanks Granny, Momma K, Poppa J and Wanda!)…the nursery/office is coming along…
This pregnancy experience has truly shown me why I married this man.  Between the cooking/cleaning he did for us in the early months, to making sure my back doesn’t hurt, and now, helping me get off the couch.  Thanks Will J – you’re my “favorite”!!


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