Winter Fun 2009

Ice, then snow, then ice, then snow = Lots of fun at the Jackson house.  Beth was out of school all week; Southern’s closed all week.  Unfortunately, many in L’ville are w/o power due to all the power lines down, but thankfully the Jackson’s (as of lunch on Thursday) still have power. 

We got a new camera from our Summit gift card which we took out to grab some shots of the ice and snow.  The thing about the freezing rain we had is that it coats every single branch and limb as it freezes creating these cool looking trees (see pic).  Yet under the weight of this ice, many of the tree branches were snapping and falling onto cars, houses, and power lines creating lots of damage.  This morning I was reminded of how sin from a distance can look really awesome, but yet as we fall into temptation that same sin coats all of our being trying to cause us to break under the guilt and pressure.  Now when the sun comes out, the ice begins to melt releasing the tree from this weight.  How much also does our burden of guilt go away when we let the true Son into our lives?  Completely.

Here are some more pics from the day.  You can see them all at our Flickr page

  This is me doing my best John Piper impersonation (see here)






  Fun creative shot by my beautiful creative wife


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