And the countdown begins…

…well, actually I (Beth) think it’s always been…but now that I am in single digit weeks on the countdown, it can’t come fast enough…Will and I (and I think the grandparents too) are super excited about seeing our little girl’s face for the first time.  This whole experience has been very humbling….I am so thankful that the pregnancy has gone sooo well – let’s continue to pray that the labor and delivery go half as well as the pregnancy and we’ll be allllll goooooood!  haha…aren’t these little shoes the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?  I just can’t believe they’re so tiny!  Our cousin, Sarah, made them with her own precious hands and here are two views of them….

Oh, and that’s me beginning my 35th week….what a hoss!  We are finishing up her room and studying Greek, so, those go hand in hand 🙂  As I read all of these “preparation” books, I feel like I’m reading Greek sometimes, but I’m thankful for those who have gone before me and published it….haha…

2 thoughts on “And the countdown begins…

  1. Hey Beth and Will!

    I am so excited that you all are going to be parents. Will you will be a great dad and Beth I am sure you will be a wonderful mother. Love you guys! Hey Will, when were those pics taken in Nepal? Looks like you all got a lot accomplished!!! PTL!

  2. Hey Kate! I tried to go to yall’s website but don’t have access. Add me to your list. Those pics were taken over this past Christmas when I took 2 others from church on a 10 quick trip. It was awesome.

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