“Truth in Relationships” by Liz Lockwood

Quite relevant concerning that tomorrow is Valentines Day everywhere but the Jackson house . . . because everyday is V-Day at in our house! 🙂

Anyway, our good friend Liz Lockwood wrote this article for My Mission Fulfilled that I thought worthy of pointing out.  Liz is very full of wisdom and insight, and we are glad that her writing is making it for all to see!  Here’s the intro:

Most of us have been there at some point in life . . . spending an increased amount of time with a guy and enjoying every single minute of it. He calls you sometimes “just to talk,” makes an effort to see you every chance he gets, and treats you differently than his other female friends. When you meet eyes across the room, your stomach flutters and your palms get sweaty. You are not really sure what this is all about, but you like him and you want whatever this is to continue. In fact, you haven’t actually discussed dating with him; you have yet to define this relationship.

If you have gone through this before, you know how frustrating it can feel. Dating is one of the areas in life where uncertainty can linger for much longer than it is welcome. There simply comes a point in every dating relationship when you need to have a D.T.R. “Defining the Relationship” is critical for establishing boundary lines, expectations, and leadership in dating.   (More . . .)


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