Maddie’s check up

Well, the kido had her 2 week appointment yesterday and she is 7lbs 8 oz! p3250226 p3240217That’s more than her birth weight!  So, we are so thankful that she is getting enough food and growing like a big girl.  She’s 20.5 inches now and growing!  It’s been fun to stay home with her, but sometimes I’m not real sure on what to talk to her about.  We talk about “stinky diapers” and “when’s Daddy gonna get home?” and “I’m really hungry mom”…but what are some other topics we can discuss?  We want to talk amongst ourselves, but I’m not real sure on what to chat about…..maybe I just need to fix us a nice cup of tea and let the english muffins spark convo.  Maybe you can give us some suggestions.  Leave us some input below.  We like to talk…ha!  And laugh!  Check out her newest pics here.


3 thoughts on “Maddie’s check up

  1. The pics are too cute. It helps to have the right model!
    Sounds like you have the right ideas for discussion. But, when stumped for topics, the weather is an all time favorite, ha. I especially like the tea time idea. Let’s keep that one going.
    Love you all bunches, Mom
    and Carl and Pop too! XOXOXO

  2. I tell Asher stories about when Roger and I met, trips that we have been on and about his family. I practiced the sacrifice stories with him a lot, that way I wouldn’t forget them while I was sitting at home all of the time.

  3. You could always read to her. Talk about the animals in the book or whatever, ‘a cow says moo’, name the colors, play music for her to listen to, etc. I so LOVE children’s books! They are such awesome teaching tools!

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