Church and the zoo…

Well, Maddie’s had a big 3rd week…we went back to church this past Sunday p3290233and she did pretty well.  She got a little fussy but that was due to the 3 dirty diapers she had while there.  ha!  It was good to be out and about and fun to see all of our friends.  And Will liked showing her off, of course.  It’s just funny how much smaller she looks when he holds her versus when I hold her.  ha!  The picture to the left is as she is getting ready…the pink sweater was mine when I was little 🙂

Then, on Wednesday, my friend Michelle invited Maddie and me to thep4010249 Louisville Public Zoo.  She had a big day!  haha…check out the pics on our Flikr site…I thought it’d be funny to take pictures of her with all of the animals that we saw 🙂  She had a blast….as you can see on her face in the pictures!  We’ll keep posting fun pictures of her in the weeks to come as she gets bigger!!


One thought on “Church and the zoo…

  1. Well Maddie you looked like you had a good time at the zoo. Were you napping or just pretending. Actually it’s lots more fun when you get older and you can have goodies and feed the animals too. You looked very cute in your mommy’s sweater! We’re so excited to see you on Easter Sunday. Stay sweet!
    Lots of Love, Granmommy and Grandaddy XOXO

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