2 months and a bouncy seat…

Well, we’ve been busy finishing Will up with school and finishing P5090551my first year as an art teacher…Maddie has been growing and is precious!  Here’s  the newest picture of her smiling so pretty!  She’s going for her 2 month appointment tomorrow and I suspect that she’s growing more and more with each day.  Thank the Lord!  I am constantly asked, “How’s she sleeping?” and she is doing great!  She sleeps from around 9:30ish to 4:30…we’ve tried to get her to stretch it to 5:30…and she’s done it, but not consistently.  Much to Daddy’s dismay!

Will and I were working in the yard on Saturday and we put her in the bouncy seat w/ her little sun hat (thanks Aunt Sarah!)…she’s just lovin’ it…

Keep checkin’ back for more updates…Maddie says hello to everybody!


One thought on “2 months and a bouncy seat…

  1. Too cute Maddie! Granmommy and Grandaddy sure had a good time visiting with you this weekend. And….of course seeing Daddy graduate. We love you all.

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