Quick Picture Update

I thought that after I graduated, I would have plenty of free time to write on the blog all these thoughts in my head .  . . well not quite yet.  So, here’s a quick synopisis of the past few weeks and some pics of Maddie

  • I graduated from Southern on the 15th.  I hope to write more about my thoughts on the past 4 years at school.  Here’s the pics from graduation and the after party.
  • Beth’s sisters Abbey came and visited this past weekend where we went to Abbey Road on the River, a massive Beatles festival down on the riverfront.  It was a good time.  If you want to see lots of different kinds of people, go to a Beatles festival.  Check out pics here.
  • CCBC Softball has started back up this summer.  Check in every Friday for updates on the previous night’s game.  Here’s the recap of the first week.

One thought on “Quick Picture Update

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