What Article IX of the GCR Could Look Like

With the SBC Annual Meeting just around the corner, there has been lots of discussion over the Great Commission Resurgence led by Dr. Johnny Hunt and Dr. Danny Akin.  It seems like the biggest discussion has been over Article IX which calls for a commitment to a more effective convention structure.  Some are for it; others against it.  Some were for it a few years ago, but now are against it.  🙂 

However, I believe that the answer to what Article IX looks like has already been answered.  In Feb 2007 at the Baptist Identity conference, Dr. Mike Day presented a topic called “The Future of Baptist Associations and State Conventions” in which he presented the history of these two associations as well as his suggestions for what the future could look like. 

I would recommend that EVERYone coming to the SBC could/should have to listen to Dr. Day’s suggestion for associations and conventions.   Timmy Brister was there live blogging the event and provided a summary of Dr. Day’s speech.  Here’s the link for the notes: http://timmybrister.com/2007/02/15/baptist-id-dr-mike-day-on-the-future-of-baptist-associations-and-state-conventions/.

Here’s the summary of his paradigm for the future:

  1. Church-driven
  2. Priority-based
  3. Resource-focused
  4. Institution-free
  5. Strategically-managed
  6. Regionally-located but not geographically bound
  7. Denominationally-connected buy not in its traditional ways

Note: At the 31:30 mark, he references Morris Chapman from the 2004 Baptist Identity conference when he called for a possible need for a “major overhaul” of the SBC and that it may be a matter of necessity . . .


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