Happy 4th Month Birthday Maddie!


Originally uploaded by willandbeth

Yup, that’s right. Our little girl is 4 months old today. Sheesh, I can’t believe it! She is growing and growing…almost like Alice in Wonderland when she drinks that potion. I kind of forgot the story…anyways, she’s bringing everything to her mouth (including those toes!)…we got for her 4 month doc appt on Monday so, we’ll have some measurements then. She has also developed another new trick – not taking her bottle! boo! I’ve got a few more weeks until I start back school, so, we’ll be trying some new things in the upcoming weeks. Here is a video of her playing in the pool and you can see her taking her first rice cereal here – it’s a hoot! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Month Birthday Maddie!

  1. Hey, Maddie has really grown! I love catching the short videos. Kay and Jimmy must hate being another state away! I would! Hey, are you teaching this year? What is going on with Will? Would love to see you next time you are in the Boro! Ms. Pam

  2. Hey Pam, thanks for the comment. Beth is part-time teaching K-8 Art at a school and is loving it. I am done with school and just working at a company here in town and helping out at church as we wait on the process. See you soon.

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