My first visit with Nonnie…

P7190456My (Beth) friend Anna, aka Nonnie, came up this past weekendP7200464 for a nice visit with me and to meet Maddie.  She always cracks me up and we end up reminiscing and recreating new quotes and happenstances.   Anna really is a fun girl.  It was a treat to have her around and hear what’s going on in her life.  Maddie loved her too!  They had a blast!  No matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked, it always seems like we just pick back up from where we left off.  I love those kind of friendships…and they don’t come by all that frequently.  Thanks for coming to visit with us dear friend!


2 thoughts on “My first visit with Nonnie…

  1. I was soooo happy to hear that Anna visited. I knew of course that Maddie would love her Nonnie. You are two very fun gals with one in training (look out Will) ha.

  2. I LOVED meeting Maddie-line! Beth- and you and Will have been so blessed with a precious baby girl! And visiting you, Beteh, was such a refresher for me to talk about the goodness of the Lord and continue to see what he’s doing in your lives. Don’t worry, Boo! I’ll be back!

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