Giggle box

Originally uploaded by willandbeth

Maddie boo is just growing and growing….I (Beth) have started back to work and still am praying for a smooth transition for Maddie and I. She is now drinking out of a sports bottle sippy cup – thank you Nuby! – and she’s eating cereal and has tried butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Will has now turned 30 years of age and he’s still looking buff and trim and handsome as ever 🙂 We’ve had fun celebrating his birthday “month”…We were getting ready to go somewhere and Will likes to try to make her laugh and he succeeded. Her laugh is so fun and cute and I just can’t begin to describe how much joy it brings both of us to hear it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard….we’re very anxious to hear what her little voice will sound like when she starts saying words…I’m sure just as sweet. Check out some more new pics here. Enjoy!

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