SBTS Chapel – Fall 09

Just saw where the Fall Chapel schedule is posted.  Here’s a few highlights:

3 different panel discussions which is something new this year

  • Sept 3 called N.T. Wright and the Doctrine of Justification
  • Oct 22 called Southern Baptists and the Great Commission Resurgence.  (My only issue here is that the whole panel is from Highview . . . just a little one-side, no?)
  • Nov 3 called Perspectives on Mulit-site Churches.  (This one should be good w/ Dr. Mohler moderating.  From what I remember from the IX Marks journal, only Greg Gilbert would be in the opposition to multi-site.  Anyone can correct me if I am wrong.)

Faculty Preaching

  • Dr. Mohler – 7 times
  • Dr. Moore – 2 times
  • Dr. Ware, Dr. York, Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Nettles, Dr. Fuller, Mr. Jason Allen

Others to look fwd to:

  • Dr. Al Jackson on Sept 15
  • Rev Al Gilbert on Oct 20 as part of mission’s week.  He is also on the GC Task Force
  • Matt Chandler on Nov 12.  I think this may be his first time to speak in Chapel . . . This may be the most full the chapel will ever be this late in the semester.

Should be a good semester.

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