6 months young…

6 months young!  Our little girl is 6 months young – well, she was 8 daysP9070707 ago…haha…over the past few days, we have had a time of “adjustment” after having folks visiting us in Louisville and going to visit family in TN all in 4 weeks!  It was fun seeing everyone 🙂  Maddie just keeps growing and growing…at her 6 mo appointment, she weighed 16 lbs 8 oz and measured 28 inchesP9070708 long!  She is learning how to perfect rolling from her tummy to her back, back to tummy, talking and making fun sounds, sitting up on her own, explore new toys and textures, etcetera, etcetera!  She has been an absolute joy and it’s been fun getting to share our little joy with everyone.
We’ve got a couple new pics up, but here are Will’s favorites from this month.  Love her!

2 thoughts on “6 months young…

  1. Hey, love you latest pics….is Maddie ALWAYS this happpy??? She is a doll….and yes, I know you know! I am getting one of these this spring:) Actually, it will be Brock and Jenny getting one of these, but I will be there whenever I can..smile! Next time you are in, I want to see her..and the two of you too…of course 🙂

  2. Pam! Congrats on the good news!! We are so excited for Brock and Jenny! Tell them if they need expert advice to call the Jacksons….ha! sike! We would love to see you all too when we come into town – hopefully it will be before the new addition comes! ha! Take care!

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