Beach Update and Happy Birthday Nonnie!

We had a GREAT time at the beach this past week!  PA080791It was Maddie’s first trip to the beach and we got to see family and friends.  It was a sweet time of relaxation and encouragement.  Will and I got to play some Catan – it’s been forever, so, it was fun teaching my family how to play and having them beat us!  haha…we saw 3 of my best friends from SC (Anna, Taiter and Ashlee) PA110874and got to hear what was going on with their lives…we’re all so busy!  I wanted to post this pic for Anna b/c it’s her bday today and wanted also to let her see the bib she got for Maddie when she was born 🙂  I LOVE October and  Fall, and Anna only wanted to clothe my child in the proper attire to reflect that.  We love you Nonnie!!
Check out more pics of the beach here.  Also, check out some pics from Poppy and Momma Kay’s first time babysitting Maddie boo here!


One thought on “Beach Update and Happy Birthday Nonnie!

  1. Love the beach pictures! Would love to see her sometime when you are in to visit. Of course, it would be good to see the two of you too! Smile.

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