Good food and Maddie boo…

This past Saturday, Maddie boo encountered her first picnic with Mommy and Daddy at Southern’s Josephus Bowl – you’re wondering what the heck a Josephus Bowl is?  haha…it’s the great lawn at Southern where graduation takes place and it’s beautiful…especially when it’s Nov. 14th PB140999and it’s 70 degrees outside.  Very nice.  We had ham and cheese wraps, cheetoes, green beans, applesauce, oranges and water – and some fun play time on the blanket, I must say!  She’s 8 months old now, and she’s crawling all over the place and also pulling up to things and acting like she’s going to let go and start walking.  ha!  She’s a mess…very sweet though.  Maddie is such a joyful baby and even though she makes us work for a smile – it’s totally worth it!!  More pics here

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