Freebies, coupons, and low prices, oh my!

Ok, so the past 3-4 months, I (Beth) have been getting the hang of this couponing business. I have about 5 blogs I take a gander at pretty consistently each day to let me know of this week’s best prices on the items we need and the items we don’t necessarily need, but are almost free-free that we might be brave enough to try. Example, last week, Meijer had Betty Crocker’s Warm Delights on sale 10 for $10, and I had 3 $.50 off coupons for this that doubled to $1.00 off for the 3 varieties we tried!

Now, normally, I would have not purchased this item, but because it was free (and delish!) I might be more apt to try it again. I have really been impressed with the ladies’ blogs I read and I intend to share them with you. It’s been a HUGE blessing to get into this new “hobby” because since I’ve gone to part time at the school, our budget has totally felt the implications. So, I’m trying to be a lot more frugal and definitely more attentive to what we need and what’s on sale. Here are the ladies I feel like are my BFF’s b/c I read their blogs multiple times a day & what store I usually look for on their sites specifically:

Southern Savers (Southeast Region): CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger + Freebie
Stretching a Buck (Central Ohio Region): Target, CVS and Walgreens + Freebies
Faithful Provisions (Middle TN Area): Kroger and any kind of freebies you would want!
Passion for Savings: Walmart and freebies
BargainBriana: Meijer and freebies

Here is a pic of my latest venture and I’ll break it down under the pic how I did it (so maybe you can do it too!)

From left to right:
2 Neosporin Lip Care
1 Walgreens Chapstick
Aquafresh Toothpaste
2 Cans of Wet Ones
1 8×10 cute photo collage of Maddie boo
Total Spent: $3.77
Total Saved: $16.55 + I received $3 in Register Rewards also!

3 packs of Kotex liners (sorry guys)
2 Beech Nut Let’s Grow! Chicken & Stars
Total Spent: $ .18
Total Saved: $5.00 (all I had to do was pay tax!)

How fun! It’s kind of like I got 12 items for $.33 a piece!  I found all of the deal matchups from these blogs mentioned above. I’m so thankful for these ladies’ hard work. You can get cool deals like this too…I’ll keep you updated on what other deals I find. Let me know what you find too!

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