10 months and still gigglin’ away….


Originally uploaded by willandbeth

Maddie is crackin’ me up with her giggles. She loves it when Will and I play dance, play airplane with her food, or when we say, “I’m gonna get you!” all the while crawling on the floor after her. She’s doing great…got her weight up to 17+ lbs…still kind of leery about putting table food into her mouth, but we’re working on it! All of our furniture has been scaled and I won’t be surprised if she starts walking before her 1st bday (March 10!). Her front 2 teeth feel like they’re coming in, but she’s still toothless…she has been helping me with my couponing by trying to hold them when we’re in the checkout line and aiding in the cutting out process (don’t worry, I have it under control…I think!)….My latest big deal:

This week had a $2 off coupon for their Aquafresh toothpaste (limit 3) and at my Walgreens they were $2.99 for the kind we like, so, I used my coupon and my leftover $3 Register Rewards from this past Sunday – and I had to buy a filler item so, I bought a $.39 bag of M&M’s…my grand total $.56 for all 4 items!!

I used 2 $1 off any Reach floss and got both flosses (priced at $.97 each) Free!!

I hear your never supposed to have to pay for toothpaste, floss or deo….I haven’t in a while!  Check those circulars and your coupons!  And let me know your finds!


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