Almost the big ONE…


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…so, Maddie is almost one now. She’s taking steps, her hair is getting really long, she’s really observant, plays well by herself, is taking her bottle really well, says “Dadda” and “Mama” very clearly, but just 2 things that I’m (Beth) not so sure about….1. She doesn’t have any teeth and 2. She doesn’t like table food very much. Are the two related? Maybe….haha….I’m no expert, but I think she’s supposed to be liking stuff like cooked beans and torn pieces of a soft tortilla.

But nope….she’s not. She’s just little ‘ol 17+ lb Maddie boo. She just loves being with her mommy and daddy and eating her purees. She’s doing this really gummy smile right now (where she shows me her gums put together and closes her eyes and smiles real big) – it just makes me melt. 🙂 I haven’t gotten a picture of said smile, but hope to soon so I can put it in her scrapbook.

She has just been such a blessing, she just brings joy to my heart and I’m thankful that I have godly women in my life to help encourage me (and thus encouraging Will) in how to raise a future godly woman….even if it includes “corrections”. But don’t we all need that sometimes?

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