Our baby girl is 1 year old!

One year ago today, our life changed forever.  At 6:19 am, Maddie made her appearance to this world with nary a cry.  Her little eyes were just wide open as she was taking it all in.  And here 1 year later, she is still just the same.  Everywhere we go, her eyes are just so big as she surveys the sights and sounds of a new place. 

She loves to walk around and follow us wherever we go.  While she still has no teeth, she is learning to eat some table foods.  Rice is the newest addition to the menu, and that’s a good thing considering our future destination!  She’s got “dada” down; we are working on getting her to say “mama” when she’s not crying.  We’ve also noticed that Maddie likes to dance now . . . music or none!  I think both Beth and I will take credit for this one.

As I think back over this past year, it’s been such a joy.  Learning to be a dad is something that’s had its challenges but has been worth it all.  Having Beth for a wife has made these challenges much easier as she has continually helped make our home an easy place to learn.  She has been great at keeping both Maddie and I fed with some good food at great prices thanks to her couponing skills! 

One year down, many more to go.  I can’t wait!  Happy Birthday Maddie!

One thought on “Our baby girl is 1 year old!

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