Funny face and bubbles

Well, we’ve just been hanging out since I (Beth) have finished school…so, it’s been kind of slow. We’re still looking for ministry opp’s with Indians here in Louisville and getting ready for an already busy summer.   On day two of our summer together, Maddie and I have discovered how fun bubbles are.  She even said, “Bubble,” when I told her what we were going outside to play with…not sure if she’ll say it on command again, but she did say it at least 3 times.  haha…Here are some fun pictures from today…

Boo #2 is doing great also!  I felt him/her move the other night for the first time.  It’s just so crazy!  He/She is developing well and the heartbeat is really strong.  I hit a little speed bump after we came back from India.  After a month and a half of having major stomach discomfort (and it wasn’t morning sickness), my GI specialist figured out that I have celiac sprue disease.  It’s a life long allergy to gluten (wheat, barley, or rye) and gluten is in basically everything I eat!  haha…so, it’s been an adjustment, but since we’ve figured it out, I’ve felt much better and I’ve had more energy.  If you have a great gluten free recipe, please share!

One thought on “Funny face and bubbles

  1. Hey, Beth! Contact Abby Rorex Beurilon (Spelling?) as she does lots of gluten free stuff and has good recipes from what she said at Anne’s shower we had. Let me know if you can’t get through to her on facebook or whatever. Hope all of you are well! Ms. Pam

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