Busy bees…

Ok, so, since my (Beth) birthday, we’ve been on the move!  We’ve been to Disney World and the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, FL, celebrated Daddy’s Day and back to my ‘ol college roots, Florence, SC for a dear friend’s wedding.   Maddie’s continuing to grow and learn more signs (yes, we’re teaching her sign language so there’s more signing and less whining) and words (she’s got momma, dadda, ball ball, dog dog, bubble, la la for banana so far).  Mahaney is growing too!  I can feel her kicking away all throughout the day and I’m actually starting to show (now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant!).  The summer is half way over and I cannot believe that school will start in the 2nd week of August.  Man. 

To be perfectly honest, at first, I was kind of nervous about being home with Boo all day everyday after being home only part time, but I really do love it.  We’ve been too busy for me to be bored or to be puzzled on what to do with a 16 mo old.  Ha!  Maddie’s discovered bubbles, coloring with crayons, reading books, where her tummy and facial features are, and funny faces with Daddy.  I have another confession, I ALWAYS said that I would never take my kids under the age of 7 to the Magic Kingdom (the happiest place on earth and possibly, my favorite place on earth).  But I have been proven wrong yet again.  It was great!  We got there a little after it opened and she walked around, soaked all of the sites in, rode fun rides, took 2 short naps on the stroller….we had a blast!  I would totally take her and Mahaney when they’re younger b/c they can’t point and say they want everything in the stores we go in to cool off.  Ha!  Anyone up for going in Jan or Feb?  hahaha….

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