What’s going on?

What’s going on? What’s going on? Everytime I (Beth) hear that phrase, I can’t help but think of the Marvin Gaye song…oldie, but a goodie….

But for real….here’s what’s been going on with the Jackson 3.5…

  • I am gearing up for the school year…woo hoo…but I have had a nice break with Boo #1 and #2. I’ve been feeling really good. Ever since we found out that I’m gluten free, things have been MUCH smoother.In July, I was trying to get a lot of stuff done around the house like getting Maddie’s “big girl” room ready, Maddie paintings on the wall, starting to transition her to her “big girl” bed, cleaning/decluttering our house and couponing (not as obsessive as before, who has time for that? But definitely trying to be a good steward of our monthly budget allotted for groceries – I’m trying to get all of our dinners to be $5 for the whole fam! It’s working and even $10 for 2 families is really not that bad if we want to have friends over :)). Baby update – Mahaney is jumping around! She is 28+ weeks and we’ve been taking sporadic pictures – I’m trying to keep up! haha…
  • Will has been gearing up for a couple of golf tournaments….this summer has been pretty busy for all of us, but esp for Will J. Work has gotten crazy busy for him – which is good and bad. We’ve been looking for more ministry opportunities in general and specifically with the South Asian peoples and Will has been leading us in this! He’s been such an encourager especially during this trying, but glowing time for me. 🙂
  • Maddie has been gearing up for going back to Grammy’s while I work… she’s been painting,signing, dancing, playing, learning, cleaning up, napping, eating, coloring, helping mom with laundry, helping mom with dinner, etc…we also had her one year pictures taken professionally by one of my friend’s friend – she was wonderful! We had a great time and the pics turned out pretty cute too 🙂

So, head on over to the Flikr page to see more pics!

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