Update on Baby Mahaney & More…

Well, we’ve hit week 40 and we’re still waiting on Mahaney to make her appearance.  I’m (Beth) ok with that, b/c the longer she waits, the longer it is I have to go back to work before Christmas 🙂  AND, I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy (I don’t even feel 40 weeks pregnant!).  But since Mahaney’s eviction notice is about to come upon us (Fri, Oct. 29 if not sooner), we thought we could do some things to help the process along…I’ve heard walking (which I’ve been doing plenty of)…(Here’s a pic of us at Hillcrest this year [above] and last year [below] – the street that decorates for Halloween BIG TIME every year and I LOVE IT!)

…walking some more….(Here’s a pic of Maddie and I at the zoo today)…

…eating pineapple (which I plan to purchase fresh pineapple this weekend)…eating spicy food (which we had Wed night – thanks Chungs!)…I’ve been informed numerous times that there will be a full moon this weekend….there are lots of old wives’ tales out there, but I’ll just stick w/ the Lord’s timing 🙂  He’s really been gracious through this whole pregnancy and I can only think, Mahaney will come when He decides.  I’m thankful I’m not in control of things sometimes….takes the pressure off of me 🙂  We’ll keep the website updated – so look out!

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