Welcome to the world Mahaney Grace Jackson

Yesterday afternoon around 4:30, Beth calls me to say that she’s feeling like something’s about to happen.  By 7:30 we are out to door to drop off Maddie at the Chungs.  By the time we got to the hospital and checked in, she was already half way there.  Then at 12:21 am on Friday, Oct 29th, Mahaney Grace was born.  We are just so thankful that everything went so well and smooth.  The Lord has just been so gracious to us during this pregnancy in keeping Beth and Mahaney healthy.  Here’s a few pics; you can find more by going to our flickr page as well.  We will post some more later . . . especially the ones where Maddie gets to meet her little sister Mahaney for the first time!

One thought on “Welcome to the world Mahaney Grace Jackson

  1. She is beautiful! I can’t wait to see her with Maddie.
    So, I stalked Will’s twitter for the past three weeks and then you go into labor, go to the hospital and have the baby during the time I am cleaning my house and studying Thai and away from the computer. I will tell you it was the most excited I’ve probably ever been while waiting on a Sky Train platform.
    Love you guys!

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