Ok, so there’s how many days until Christmas?!

Sheesh!  Time sure does fly when you have 2 babies under 2!  Didn’t I just have Mahaney?!  Ha!  Well, just some updates on what we’ve been up to since Thanksgiving…
I (Beth) finished up my maternity leave of 6 weeks…it was nice, but man, how I hated to

see it come to a quick end!  The weekend after Thanksgiving we did one of my favorite things – picked out a for real Christmas tree!  It was such a rainyday, but it didn’t matter to us, we found the perfect one and took it home…and decorated it….while Maddie napped 🙂  It’s just something I always look forward to…the smell of tree when you come through the door (I was hoping it would replace the stinky diaper smell!)….yum!  Seeing as how this might be our last real Christmas tree for a while, we wanted to really enjoy it.  And we are!
It’s been pretty cold up here in Louisville and we’ve had to keep the girls in, so, not too many cool pictures, but I’ve gotten a few cute ones of Maddie and Mahaney…we’ve been out to look at lights and to swing by Krispy Kreme (Will’s fav!)…we’ve watched Veggie Tales Christmas….we’re going to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas this weekend (it’s about time!)…we’ve gone back to church (but no nursery yet – I’m not that daring)…hmm…the girls and I made some Christmas cards and pictures…not too shabby, huh?  Be on the lookout for a super cute Christmas picture of the two cutest members of our family 🙂


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