Garden & Girls update…

Ok, so, it’s only been 9 days since we planted our seeds….looks like the only thing remotely sprouting is the lettuce (first picture to the left)!  haha…the herbs are starting to sprout too – Basil and Oregano (far picture to the right).  It’s fun to tell Maddie we’re going to look at our garden…she probably thinks a garden is a big rectangle of dirt.  haha…here are pics below…

On a cuter note….Maddie has officially been potty trained at 25 months…no accidents in over a week and still dry after naps and nighttime sleep (which I’m really impressed!)  I used the Toilet Training in Less Than a Day book (thanks Marcie!) and I was really nervous/dreading/anxious about this whole process….can’t she just stay in diapers for the rest of her life?  NO!  She can’t and I’m so glad she’s taken to the whole potty thing…so, to celebrate her new skill, we went to Chuck E Cheese’s this past Saturday…she had a blast!  I had a blast too, but they got rid of my favorite game…the Flinstone’s one kind of like Memory…man, they don’t have it anymore?  I guess I’ll just settle for skeeball…haha…we had a lot of fun and Haney loved every minute of it too…do they have a Chuck E Cheese’s-ish place in India? Hope so!  Get ready Mahaney!!


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