Resurrection Day & more

And more?  What could we add to the Resurrection?  No no, sorry…nothing could be added to Christ’s raising from the dead!  I think the title to these posts are the hardest part of writing them…Will’s better at that, but he doesn’t update the blog *ahem* as much as I do.  🙂  So, we went to TN for Easter and really enjoyed our time w/ the fam’s.  Seeing everyone is such a joy and it’s fun to see how Maddie just picks up right where we left off w/ the kiddo’s….except when there’s water involved.  It takes her a while to “warm up” to big bodies of water…she must take after her mom.  I’m still not down w/ the ocean (sorry Carl!) or the lake (sorry Jimmy & Kay!)…but for Carter’s bday party we went to Patterson Park and it was really cool!  That water park/play gym/sprinkler goodness would have been a dream when I was a kid…if you’re in the Murfreesboro area and looking for a cool place to take your kids or have a bday party, I would highly recommend it, but you might need to bring your own personal fan…ha!  Here are some pics from the fun:

So, Maddie also had her first taste of dying eggs…it was cute.  Thanks Granmommy!  🙂
We had a great time…and of course, we got all gussied up for Easter morning, so, not only does that mean we were going to church to praise the Lord, but also to take that family photo…

Take 1…oh, Bug!

Take 2…good smiles…thanks Gmommy/daddy!

And we’re going to have to postpone garden updates.  In April we only had like the most rain in Louisville since like early 1900’s…lettuce is holding strong, but I think everything else got drenched.  Bummer!


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