I got it…

…that’s what my 2 year told me when I asked her if she needed help this morning…sheesh!  The girls are just growing up so fast and I’m doing my best (and so is Will) to enjoy them while they’re this age…It’s a handful taking care of two little ones, but you know, I really like them being this close in age.  It will definitely help when they’re in a foreign land with foreign people and a foreign language.  What is she talking about?!  Will and I have both felt led to serve South Asian peoples for God’s glory and we have been in an on going application process for 2+ years now to move there.  In the last month, we’ve heard back that we have been approved and are awaiting some final ironings out if some other things, but we will be moving out of the country in January!   Are they crazy?

Well, sort of….it will be trying, I’m sure, but we hope our work will be a sweet fragrance…we’ll be sure to update this thing a little more often (after we’ve adjusted there, of course).  Sooooo……without further ado…..

Updates on the girls:
Maddie – she’s crazy…I mean, just sweet, silly, crazy….she is talking up a storm.  L.O.V.E.S. playing in her hippo pool.  Obsesses with shoes (mine and hers).  Sings the Andrew Peterson/Randall Goodgame CD like it’s her job.  And she is continuing to learn more and more about Jesus in this book.  So sweet…her hair is always in her face, she giggles so heartily (like in this video from Aug ’09) and she is mostly potty trained now!  woo hoo!  Favorite quote by her recently when I ask her what her sister’s name is, “Haney Bug Grace.”

Mahaney –  she’s almost as crazy as her sister….she is a rolling fiend…grabbing at things…pulling things to her mouth….eating cereal/solids/using this sippy cup….giggling…playing in the exersaucer…squealing L.O.U.D…..pushing up on all 4’s and rocking – whoa, not ready for that.  AT ALL.  Bug just continues to bring us joy as she grows…her little smile when we go to get her in her crib is just melting!  Favorite toy: refrigerated teething rings!

So, that’s about it…Will’s finishing up his last couple of months at Summit and I’m finally done w/ the school year – woo hoo!!  It’s bittersweet, but I’m thankful to have worked at CAL while we’ve been here.  Sweet people.  Sweet kids.  I’ve truly grown since I’ve been there.

Now, our garden kind of  washed away….soooo…all we got was A salad, so far (I didn’t realize that the lettuce might grow back, but it is!)…but nothing else survived the freak 26+ inches of rain we got in April/May.  Not cool.  So, I think since we are selling our house and moving, I might go the container route for the rest of the summer…we’ll see.


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