Unto us, it has been appointed

Well, it’s now official (or was 2 weeks ago), we were appointed with our new agency to go and serve in Funny Lady Land (FLL).  Beth and I went to Orlando with others from our company for 4 days of meetings and meals.  It all concluded with a wonderful appointment service that we both will remember forever.  We were very blessed to have 5 families from our church in Louisville and my parents drive down to attend this special night with us.

We then took a few extra days to hang out in Orlando and go to Disney World!  Beth and I have been together for over 6 years and this was our 3rd trip to the Magic Kingdom.  It was also Mahaney’s first trip!  By the time all arrived, we had a group of 20 trotting around, getting pictures, and riding the rides.  Open to close for the Jackson fam!  Here’s a few pics of all of us gathered around Mickey and Minnie.

Life’s been crazy over this past month.  We will be posting many short updates over the next few days to get caught up!

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