Oh where, oh where are the Jacksons?

Ok, so, we’ve been slightly crazy these past few weeks…but it’s been a fun recap of our time in Louisville…From Will’s last post (here), he wanted me to post some fun pics of the events in Louisville that we loved…and some from what we’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks.
Our 2nd Annual 2011 Danger Run w/ our friends the Davis’ and the Benges (is it Davises?  Benge’s?  I can never get it straight, but you get the point, there’s more than one of them!)

Last trip to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen (I decided to “cheat” and I’m not sorry I did!  The chocolate covered cherry pie *warm* is delish, but full of gluten!)

Our last visit to the Louisville Zoo…we’ve really enjoyed it and it was totally worth the membership.  Maddie and Haney got to see the new polar bear cub sleeping.  So sweet…reminds me of that book Some Babies Sleep.



We wanted to celebrate Haney’s 1st Bday party in Louisville w/ our friends from church, so, amongst our deliriousness (is that a word?), we did it on the last night in da ‘Ville…she tore that cupcake up!

We had the privilege to speak to the youngsters CAL SW (my school I used to teach Art at) during their chapel service.  It was a sweet time to see some of my former students grown up to another school year.  We were so excited to get to share what we will be doing in FLL with them and hopefully encourage and challenge them as they grow in their faith as well as education.  And you know I gotta throw in a pic of my and my sistas down in the “special” hallway!


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