Well, here we go!

Ok friends….tomorrow (today, tomorrow, I have no idea where I am!) is the big travel day!  We are on our way to begin our journey to Funny Lady Land…and here’s a funny picture for the occasion…

Are they ready for us?  I just don’t know….

Some things to pray about:
– We would have a fun journey as a family (I know, I know they’ll cry, but at least so will some of the other kids on the plane too, right?)
– Mahaney especially, she is cutting 4-5 teeth and has BAD diaper rash right now…TMI for some of you, specific pr need for others…
– That all 13 of our bags make it there without much wear and tear…yes, I said it…13…..sheesh! (Also, we know it’s just “stuff” too…)
– That Will & Beth’s marriage would be strengthened through this whole travel ordeal (We are both very strong planners and if one thing goes wrong, it could be more detrimental than a game of Settlers of Catan)
– Most importantly, that maybe on the plane, amongst the LONG flight, there might be a chance or small moment that we can share the love of JC with another….did I mention the flight is LONG?

Stay tuned for an update when we arrive in Funny Lady Land next week sometime…..and so it begins – South Asian time!

4 thoughts on “Well, here we go!

  1. We will be praying for you and looking eagerly for news of your progess, joys, and needs. Don’t have your email address. Please send it to us. May the Lord keep you safe and bless you in more ways than we can imagine today.
    Love you lots,

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