We’ve arrived…FLL “for real” first edition

Ok, so, we (and our 13 bags) left Nashville on Friday, the 6th around noonish and we fully expected to be flying into Newark only to find out that our flight to S. Asia had been delayed or canceled.  B/c you know, Continental Airlines + Newark airport = a shorter trip/vacation than you expected and more frustration than you could ever imagine.  Well, thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about a delay or cancellation digging into our trip b/c we’ll be there for a while…to our surprise, we found no kind of hurdle in the race to get to Funny Lady Land…

So, after a 13 hr flight, some good naps in the carseats, fun packages to open along the flight, watching the movie UP a few times, playing Majong (or trying to), some cricked necks, a 7 hr layover “guarding” our 3 carts of bags while trying not to fall asleep, we with all 13 bags made it to FLL around 9 p.m. (Central, parent, USA time) on Saturday, the 7th…

We were greeted by some of our friends here with a warm and hardy welcome!  They helped us take our bags and ourselves to the house we’re staying in (thanks N&K!) and helped to keep us awake by taking us to KFC (hilarious, right?!) and having us over for dinner (thanks J&K!).  I feel like I’ve had another child by the way they have taken care of us…made us meals, had us over to hang out, come over to hang out, taken us around town, checked up on us, brought us fun things they’ve found at the store/market that we’ve mentioned (especially gluten free things!)….really really cool of them.

We started our language lessons the day after we got here and our teacher is really gracious.

I feel like I’m REALLY slow and Will is zippin through, but he’s having to be careful not to mix it with his Nepali.  You can pray that we don’t kill each other during our language learning….you know how competitive Will is!  🙂

Over all, we’re adjusting slowly.  The girls are starting to adjust to the time change and we are actually taking Maddie to the local preschool to check it out tomorrow.  They are kind of clingy right now, but understandably so….they will get it…..we will get it….and we know we need HIS help/strength for that.

Thanks for praying for us, we could definitely not get through our days without it….things that you could please continue to pray for:
– Continual adjustment for all 4 of us
– A lead on housing for us (we are staying in a house of a family who is in the US now)
– On a personal note, for me (Beth), you can pray that I will not compare myself to others here & that I would not be overwhelmed with the demand for “mommy, mommy, mommy” from the girls and that I can also meet the needs as a wife to Will
– Our opportunities as a family or individually to share the Good News (in English of course!)

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