What’s up?

So, like in FLL is becoming a little more normal for us…we’re going today (we think) to look at an apt, so, we’re really hoping that something turns up soon…I (Beth) have gone this past week to get 3 outfits tailor made…the material here is beautiful and really inexpensive to get an outfit made that will fit you (and no, I will not be showing my tummy!)…Our first homecooked meal was last night (Friday) and it was…drum roll please…grilled cheese and tomato soup!  haha…I had to start somewhere, right?

We’ve been walking around the neighborhood where we’re staying, just trying to get in some sights and speak the little bit of Hindi we know…it’s been interesting for sure.  We went to this little shop down the road and they had all of this fresh produce (yes, laying on the floor), but I got a few snap peas, a few green beans, 2 carrots, a garlic clove and 4 individual bags of chips for $2 (90 rupees).  What?!  How’s the for a coupon addiction fix?

Adjusting to not being able to wash a cup/dish/fruit and immediately use/eat it (b/c we’re not to drink the water here) has been a challenge.  As has taking a shower in the bathroom (there’s no boundary for the shower) and having to squeegee the floor afterwards into the corner w/ the drain.  (I’m not in any way shape or form a hair person, so, you can see how this would gross me out.)  Things like this can drive a person mad, but the thing I have to remind myself why I’m here is to do His work, not to make myself comfortable, but to see the kingdom furthered.  I can do anything through His strength…even waiting 45 minutes for a hot shower!


2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that we are doing/dealing with the same things. So stinkin’ happy. I just pulled a big wad of hair out of the drain this morning. Now every time I do it I will think of you.

  2. So wish I as there to make it a little easier. (I don’t mind cleaning drains, and I actually love that concept. Makes the bathroom easier to clean.) As for the rest, Just remember to take it slowly. Life moves at a bit slower pace now.

    Loving your posts, especially the pics. Hug the girlies for me won’t you? And know that I hug you, Beth, in my prayers.

    Lots of Love,

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