Same ‘ole…

…well, not much has happened since the last time we posted.  Basically, the housing hunt is pretty much SLOW right now until the cold weather here has said goodbye.  When I say cold, I mean upper 40’s in the morning and at night and maybe 60 in the afternoon (if the sun’s out)…and when I say upper 40’s in the morning and at night, I mean, that’s the temp outside AND inside.  They don’t have heaters


predominately in the house b/c they make their homes to release heat b/c it gets so stinkin’ hot in the summertime.  So, we’ve been wearing long pants, long sleeves and SmartWool socks to sleep in.  The girls have been wearing their fleece footy pj’s and I think I just saw my breath….whoa.

So, daily life as of now has been, wake up, take Maddie to preschool (here’s a pic of her first day!), come back, study language, play with Bug, clean up, homework for language class, pick Maddie up, have lunch, language class, get girls up (yes, we’ve been having to wake them up so they don’t sleep too late), decompress from language, get ready for supper, eat supper, play, get girls ready for bed, put them to bed, and afterwards decide whether we’re too spent to stay up for another hour and a half to study language some more.

Can anyone guess what we’re primarily doing with our time?  HA.  We’ll update soon maybe with some more exciting news!


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