Pomegranates & Popcorn

Pomegranates & popcorn is what we’re having tonight for family movie night…kinda weird, right?  Well, that’s how we roll…haha…we’ll be watching Beauty & the Beast (Thanks Grammy Dei!)…so, that is what is going on in the foreseeable future.

Currently, I am listening to the workers talking/bantering outside my window, cringing as the carpenter hammering away at the screen door he’s installing, hoping my girls get at least some nap, waiting for Will to come back w/ a new hair cut and smelling the Lizol (Lysol equivalent here – ha!) my house helper is using on the floor.  Moving into a new house in a foreign land is sure DIFFERENT from in the States.  There is no one store you can go to to buy all that you need….no Target to buy cute stuff for the walls as well as a shower curtain…no Walmart to go and buy all/some of your appliances, kitchen needs or Goldfish snacks…it sure is different.  One of our friends said it would take like 3 months to set the place up…Whoa!

It’s been good though…I (Beth) had a little bit of some culture shock 2 weeks ago and broke down, but that’s all it took…just one little cry and I was fine.  Funny Lady Land has been good to us so far…it is getting warm though, and I wonder how this is going to work in the summer.  Our new house is pretty cool right now, temp wise, so, maybe that will bode well for the hot time.  My armpits are clamming up as we speak!  (Sorry if that’s TMI)

We are still setting up and hope to post pictures soon of the new house (we’re actually in a 3 story building and live on the bottom floor – the landlords come once a month and stay here one month out of the year)…it’s pretty sweet and open for anyone that wants to come and visit 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pomegranates & Popcorn

  1. I just picked up Lady and the Tramp, and Bambi! All I need is an address!! What do you want for your walls? How about some wods on decals like Bible verses or family sayings? They might be good for conversation starters. Anyway, tell me and I will send a box.

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