new abode…

So, the pics are up!  Here is the outside of our new home for the next 3 years…we live on the bottom floor and yes, they are doing construction on the top floor, but it’s all good.  It really hasn’t been bad at all…it’s actually pretty funny b/c the workers really like the girls and the girls look out the window and smile at them.  Our house is just down the street from a little vegetable market/shop/dry cleaning/momo shop…so, if we need to have last minute veggies, chips, pressed clothes and momos, we’ll be taken care of.  haha…this week, Will has been on a trip and things have gone pretty well here in FLL with me and the girls.  Nothing major has happened and I’m so thankful to the Fatha fo that!  Maddie is still loving school and tomorrow (Friday) is Black dress day.  She LOVES dressing up and her teacher is so sweet.  Mahaney is signing and even talking with her mouth closed some.  What?  Exactly.  Mahaney talks with her mouth closed…I ask her to sign thank you and she keeps her mouth closed and makes two sounds that sound like “thank you.”  She’s a trip.

I love it right now b/c the girls are playing together and Maddie is always saying, “I want Mahaney to come and (fill in the blank) with me.”  So sweet!  Sometimes though, she gets a little too sisterly w/ Bug and mommy has to step in!  By the way, I am reading Don’t Make Me Count to Three! and I highly recommend it…even though I haven’t actually finished it….and I have started it like 3 times…it’s a good reference given to me by a wonderful lady who shall be named Narcie Favis…haha…amongst learning language and setting a house up in South Asia, I really have felt the need to brush up on some growing these kids God’s way, so, I have a stash of books I’m trying to read throughout the year to encourage me since I don’t have my CCBC posse here with me. Including some Tedd Tripp (Shepherding a Child’s Heart), some Childwise and Preschoolwise, and some GKGW workbook.  It’s just hilarious to me b/c all of these books and the way they encourage Godly parenting would be so counter cultural here…but it’s all good…why not stick out a little more, right?!

Once each room in the house gets a little more real furniture and a little less plastic furniture in it, I’ll post more pics…but we have a little stoop and the girls love climbing up and down the steps and running in the driveway when there’s not 3 ladies walking from the ground floor to the 3rd floor with a bag of sand on their heads.  HA!


2 thoughts on “new abode…

  1. You are smart to seek support from books at a time when you don’t have friends around you. Joy have good survival instincts.

  2. love these books. shepherding your child’s heart is great. parenting is such an awesome privilege and responsibility. lifting you all up. glad you met mark’s cousin (rachel). thanks for the updates!

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