Maddie’s spotlight…

Ok, so Maddie has been going to a “playgroup” since the 2nd week in country…she. loves. it.  She won’t tell us much about what she does at school each day, but she really does love being around other kids, even if she doesn’t say a word the whole time.  Maddie and her sister are slowly adjusting to the culture here in ‘ol South Asia and I think they are genuinely feeling more and more at home as the time goes on.

Here’s a pic of Maddie walking into school….first thing they do when all the kids get there is to change into their “house shoes” or “school shoes” I should say….it’s a novel idea to change into shoes that you only wear inside…think about all the stuff you bring into your home when you wear your shoes inside that you’ve worn outside…in the parking lot..on the sidewalk…kinda grosses me out just thinking about it.   Especially  here in S. Asia….whoa…it’s almost unmentionable on my blog what youmight step in!

Maddie always goes right into her class with no crying or whining…just a happy little sweet girl…it’s really sweet too, she will turn around on her way in and say, “Bye bye mommy, love you.”  Unprompted!  Takes my breath away….then, we walk outside and are greeted by the random cows that roam the streets.  Where do they come from?!!


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