Life in the FLL: Where’s the Wand?

So I (Will) wanted to start a new series on the blog called “Life in the FLL.”  So often, we are asked what is life like here?  What do yall do all day?  So why not take to the blog to answer some of these inquiring minds.

“Where’s the wand?” is one of the more common sayings around our house.  You see, mosquitos are everywhere, and we despise them.  Now, I at first only thought mosquitos would be a problem during the rainy season since they thrive in wet environments.  Yet here, in FLL, mosquitos love the dry season.  The windows and doors to the homes here are not airtight like those in your home.  So they can get in through the cracks in windows and doors.  Or when the door opens to come and go, so do the mosquitos.

However, FLL also has this great invention: the mosquito hunter, aka, “The Wand.”  Yeah baby!  This thing is awesome!  You remember that crazy caged-in blue lights you used to have on your porch?  Well imagine a portable one of those.  So every morning after we wake up, we walk through the house and kill all the mosquitos that have crept in during the night.  Then throughout the day, we kill them as we see them.  Maddie always yells, “Daddy, where’s the wand?” when she finds one.  Then our nightly pre-bedtime ritual is to go through the rooms and hunt for mosquitos.  Maddie loves this; she always seems to find the most.  “Skeeto” she yells and points while I try to see what she sees.  Mahaney isn’t quite ready for this game, but she does imitate her sister and point in a general direction.

We’ve also adopted a new pet at the house.  His name is Lieko the gecko (Maddie gave him the name).  I’ve tried multiple times to let him out of the house but he keeps coming back.  I guess there’s just too much food around for him to leave!

So there you have it, a look into life in the FLL.  More to come soon!


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