The Girls’ Room!

Ok, ok, so, we have been in our new house for over a month now, and we are still “setting up shop”…I had these 2 cute wall appliques (thanks Granmommy & Aunt Lindsey!) and didn’t want to put them on white wall.  The butterflies and some of the flowers even have a 3D effect!  Now, here’s the thing.  In South Asia, in FLL, how do you get paint on the walls?  1.  Ask all of your national friends (which we have like 2 close ones so far) who

 they know that can remotely paint.  2.  You ask them where to get the supplies, or just ask them to get them for you.  3.  Get said friend to come paint.  4.  Air out the room for a week and a half and pray the kids don’t suffer from the fumes!
Ok, so, that’s what WE did….haha….The appliques were REALLY easy and super cute, but I just couldn’t put them on white walls…so, I had the friend paint “Power Pink” onto our girls’ walls and easily put these presh appliques on with no problems.  I would suggest them to anyone and I think they run around $10 per box at Target…

Also, we had the bunk beds and cubbies made by showing them a friend’s Pottery Barn kids’ magazine…hilarious, right?!  The carpenter did a great job and the bed looks pretty sturdy…

another funny thing in FLL, there is no wood stain (P.S.  Will and I really like dark/cherry wood stains)…so, they have to paint them dark brown and then use HIGH gloss lacquer.    So, we had to air out the room a week and a half b/c of the fumes from the paint AND the bed AND the cubbies we had made.

  The girls are so far loving their new room…now, we just need to get some cool(er) toys to fill the little cubbies 🙂

Pssst…I really want to make one of the drawers of the cubbies a dress up drawer.  Like, you know, all those cute princess dresses they mark down after Halloween?  Some shoes, jewelry, you know…the works!  So, if anyone has any they’d like to pass down and maybe send over w/ a team, let us know!  

Coming soon…more pics of rooms in the house!

6 thoughts on “The Girls’ Room!

  1. Sooo cute!! We might have some dressup dresses that would work for guys – is there any way things can be mailed over or is that just crazy expensive or not realistic?

    • Ronna, Thanks for commenting! It is expensive to mail things over, but I know that Dei is working on sending a box. OR Chuck and Abigail are coming over in a few weeks. Maybe they could squeeze a couple in their suitcase!?!

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